11 Weeks!

We’ve made it this far! I can’t believe I’m already past 11 weeks! This first trimester has just flown by. I find my self wishing for it to go quicker because I want to get past the risk stage in the beginning. Now one day past 11 weeks, I feel myself slowing it down a bit. I’ve had consistent symptoms since around 6 1/2 weeks so that’s always reassured me that the baby is good! I started to feel nauseaous right around then and it’s still lingering a bit, even this morning! I am ready for that to go away, as well as the food aversions. Around 7 weeks, I only wanted carbs and pasta was my best friend. I still have that urge but I’m able to eat other foods now without thinking they’ll make me hurl!

Last week I took my weekly grocery trip to Harris Teeter and Dustin told me that we didn’t have enough snacks to eat. So this time I loaded up!! I had serious pregnancy cravings while in the store!! I came home with about every cracker possible, cookies, Nutty Bars, brownie mix, and Devil Squares!! I haven’t eaten Devil Squares or Nutty Bars since middle school but I couldn’t look at the box without taking it with me!! lol!

Next Tuesday we will be going in for our 1st ULTRASOUND!!! We are so excited and cannot wait to see our baby live on the screen! I hoping we get to hear the heartbeat one more time as well! At my 9 week appointment, we were able to hear the heartbeat and it was around 176!! It was so fast and the most wonderful sound I’ve ever heard! Have a listen!

YouTube- Baby’s heartbeat


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