Baby Stancil’s First Photo Shoot

Today, we finally were able to see our baby! It was really an amazing thing! Dustin swore he saw that it was a boy but I have no clue how! Ha! The heart rate went down from our 9 week appointment to 159 , still a strong beater! You could even see the fluttering of it on the screen! Doctor says baby looks great and the ultrasound tech even measured the baby and estimated our due date closer to March 6th or 7th! Guess we’ll be ready a little sooner just in case!

Here are the pictures I promised!

This one is a frontal view of baby’s face with the little arms up on each side of his/her face!

This is a great profile! I believe this is after he/she flipped all around!

Closer profile shot with maybe a little wave in there!

This is my favorite! Looks like we’ll have a thumb sucker on our hands! Right before this you could see baby opening and closing it’s mouth! It was so great to see our baby moving around!

I still haven’t felt anything but that’s pretty normal at this stage. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll feel those little flips!

Note from Baby Daddy: I’ve decided to stop referring to the baby as him/he/her/she.. Instead, the non-sex-defined fetus will be assigned the alias ‘Zombie’. Why Zombie? Because Zombie’s are essentially a-sexual, whose sole purpose is consumption and survival without regard for what’s going on around them.


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