13 week Baby Size

On Monday we hit 13 weeks! Only 7 more weeks until we find out what our little “zombie” is! So I know you all are anxiously awaiting belly pics and don’t fret because they will be coming soon. My stomach hasn’t really popped that much so ultimately it looks like I’ve been eating too much McD’s! Hopefully week 14 we’ll get one on here though!

To tide you all over here are a few inanimate objects to show the size of the baby! According to What to Expect, last week baby was the size of a peach…..

And now since we transitioned over to 13 weeks, baby is now the size of a lemon!

I don’t know about you guys but I always thought a peach was bigger than a lemon so I’m a bit confused on this one! According to Baby Center we’ve completely left the fruit tree and have moved on to seafood. Their site states baby is the size of a medium shrimp! What?!?!? Medium shrimp? Now how do you measure the size of a medium shrimp you may be asking yourself? Well I’m glad you asked because…..tada! All you need to do is place a quarter beside it! Instant measurement!

I feel a medium shrimp is smaller than a peach and a lemon but what do I know! I only eat 1 out of 3 so I’m no one to judge! Check back soon for some gut shots!! 🙂


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