Work in Progress…..Nursery.

So I promised some pictures!! Here’s what is happening in the nursery…..nothing.

The room we are going to use as the nursery used to be Dustin’s office. Luckily, he finally listened to my genius plan to move around our living spaces to create an office for him where we used to have the dining room. This may seem weird, especially if you’ve seen our house, but it’s actually worked out great! Unfortunately, we’ve only moved half of the office furniture/stuff in there! We’ll have to light a fire under our butts soon to get the rest done!

Here’s a few pics of the overall house updates!

This is the front Living Room. We moved our den furniture in here to just have one family room space.

This is the new Dining Room! We just received our new table this weekend and I am in love! Can’t wait to actually use it!

Here’s Dustin’s new office! Still a work in progress for sure but we’ll get it together soon! Definitely have to move the chandelier from here-it’s huge head bump hazard!

So here’s the nursery! It seems to have become a catch all room since we moved out Dustin’s desk. It’s not very impressive at all right now but you have to see the before and hopefully by the time baby comes it’ll have come a long way!!

Here’s the 80’s inspired ceiling fan shot! This is first thing on the list to go!!

Can’t wait to show pictures of the room’s progress!! We’ve decided not to make any design plans until we know what we are having which is SOOO hard for me to do! But there are just somethings I want to do that won’t go for boy and girl so I’ll be patient!

Oh and by the way, today is 14 weeks!!! Wahhooo!!! Hello 2nd Trimester!!

Baby’s head is the size of a gumball….

And I promise belly pics to come!! I’ve actually noticed a difference the last few days! 🙂


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