Weekly Pregnancy Stats- 14 weeks

So I promised these weekly and I almost forgot, well I totally did forget yesterday!! So without further adieu, here you go!

How Far Along: 14 weeks and 4 days!!

Size of baby: Navel Orange-I’m guessing this is smaller than a regular orange?!!

Total Weight Gain: still no clue, we don’t have a scale at home I won’t know until the 25th!

Gender: Still a mystery…but getting so close though!!

Movement: Still nothing that I’m feeling but I know it’ll happen soon!

Sleep: About the same as last week, although I’ve stayed up until 10 most nights!!

What I miss: Raw cookie dough, cake batter, and brownie mix- I have to make cake pops for work next week and keep thinking about how yummy the batter is and how I will have to break my hand to keep it away from my mouth, lol!

Cravings: No real cravings this week but I actually had veggies a few times as snacks-Major improvement from not even wanting to look at a veggie in previous weeks!

Symptoms: No nausea!! A little lightheadedness but I think that might have been from not enough water!

Worst Moment this week: Dustin was gone from Friday to Wednesday! Sleeping alone is no fun but at least I had Kody to snuggle with!

Best Moment(s) this week:
– Our new dining room furniture finally being delivered

-My new desk I found on Craigslist for a steal!!

-My friend Rebekah having her baby Landon who I get to hopefully see today!

Have a great weekend!!! 🙂


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