15 Weeks Baby Bump

Still looking like I’ve been drinking straight from the keg nightly, I’ve reached 15 weeks!!

Now that I’m fully into my 2nd trimester, I’ve been feeling pretty good. I still love my early bedtimes but at least there’s no more nausea! Saturday night we went to a friends birthday party and left fairly early but came home and watched a movie until almost midnight! That’s a really late night for this preggo!

Baby Size Update:Baby is about 4inches long and weighs about 3 ounces. He or she is starting to be able to hear my voice! Also the baby’s eye lids are still shut but if we were to shine a flashlight at my belly, baby would turn away from the light. Baby’s skin is still translucent!

Finally we took some belly pics! We took some really early on but they were pretty much redundant because they all looked the same. 15 weeks shows a little bump though! 😉

Here’s my silly one! Sexy right?!?! Hahaha!

Hope you enjoyed my pics! I’m going to try and do these weekly or every other week for you! In the meantime, I’ll let you see what our weekend was like!

This is Gabe, we babysat this sweet rescue boy all weekend while his foster mom was out of town.

Here he is with Kody. You can tell how little he is!

Me and my girls at the birthday party, love these girls! Although we were missing one!

Hope you have a great week! Check back soon! 🙂


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