Weekly Pregnancy Stats- 15 weeks

Here we go again with some very informative stats at 15 WEEKS!!

How Far Along:  15 weeks and 3 days!!

Size of baby: Apple or Avocado- wow!! Baby’s gettin’ big!

Total Weight Gain: Tell ya next week!

Gender: Pulling my hair out waiting to know!!

Movement: I “think” I’ve felt some flutters in there but it’s so quick that I stop and wait to feel it again and there’s nothing, so maybe?!?! : )

Sleep: Getting back to normal, sort of. Dustin would probably not say that though! lol

What I miss: Doing things for myself! I have to ask Dustin to do little things that I never would have thought twice about doing, like hoping on a chair to get something high down from a closet. Can’t do that any more!

Cravings: Ice Cream Fudgesicles. They don’t exist anymore. I looked all over…. very, very sad!! I did have a little pity party in the Harris Teeter ice cream aisle the night I went looking! Technically this was last week but it’s still pretty fresh since I tried to find them again just the other night! Please tell me if you  know where I can find these!

Symptoms: Leg Cramps!! Oh these are terrible! I’ve been stricken with 2 in just the last week!! Oh and an eye twitch, lol. This probably has nothing to do with being pregnant or it has everything to do with it and all we have to do to get ready for baby!

Worst Moment this week: Giving Gabe back to his foster mom. He is such a sweet puppy and I really hope they find him a good home. Sadly, we have too much going on to keep him, plus Indy was not thrilled with his presences. Oh and getting double charged at the grocery store, not a happy girl!

Best Moment(s) this week:
– Making cake pops for our work Bake Sale because I get to keep and eat some, well worth the hard work every now and then!

– Setting up our Baby Registry on Amazon and realizing I can add items from almost anywhere and they populate on our registry! Hello baby Piratewear! Argghh!!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!!! 🙂 We’ll be working on our to-do list all weekend! Getting ready for baby!! 🙂


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