16 Weeks and Gettin’ Stuff Done!

Happy Monday Everyone!! And Happy 16 weeks to me and baby!!! Baby is now 4/12 to 5 inches and weighs in at 3 1/2- 5 ounces! That’s the size of an avocado!! Woohhoooo!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We sure did and we finally were able to scratch some things off of our to-do list! It felt great until I decided I needed to add about 5 more things. So we’re up….and then we’re back down again. At least we finally got started, from now on it’ll be even easier to dive into the projects!

Dustin put up the new fan in the baby’s room on Sunday and I painted the trim in the dining room that I’d neglected for the past 4 months!! So thankfully there’s no more yellow paint anywhere to be seen in there! The hall will be tackled this weekend! And I know what you’re thinking, I probably shouldn’t be painting! I know I know, but I’ve been assured that it’s perfectly fine in well ventilated spaces. It was so nice this weekend, so I opened the back doors and all the windows to get that air-a-flowin’! The fan looks amazing by the way! I forgot to take a picture when we got it all up but it’s a fan and it’s now definitely made the room look like it’s of this century!

More to come!! 🙂


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