Weekly Pregnancy Stats- 16 weeks

16 Week Wowza!!!

How Far Along:  16 weeks and 3 days!!

Size of baby: Avocado…yummm Guacamole! lol

Total Weight Gain: 7 L.B.’s total!

Gender: 14 days away from knowing!

Movement: Not as many of those flutters this week, but still a few somethings that makes me stop and wonder if it could be!

Sleep: Doing good! I even stayed up to 10:30 last night! Woohhooo!

What I miss: Going into my closet and knowing anything I pick will fit!! Now I never know what I’m going to get when I step into a pair of pants!!

Cravings: Reese’s cups! Luckily this craving was satisfied a few days ago 🙂

Symptoms: Thanks goodness for no leg cramps and….the eye twitch is gone! I feel like if I mention it, it’ll know it and come back, so shhhh!!

Worst Moment this week: Pricing out laminate hardwoods for our townhouse so we can sell it but then realizing how expensive those things are!!! So needless to say, that house will be rented for another year until we can get ready for that expense!

Best Moment(s) this week:
–  Throwing Rebekah a baby shower at work! It was so much fun and so great to see her so excited!

–  Hopefully tonight after we tour our first daycare! Fingers crossed we really like it and Baby Stancil gets on time!


Happy Almost Friday!!


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