21 Weeks and the Nursery is Painted

That’s right! We’ve finally made some big strides in getting our baby’s room ready!! This past weekend Dustin painted the room and we took down those hideous aluminum blinds and put in the new faux wood blinds.

It’s made such a huge improvement to the room for sure! Here’s a sneak peek of the color!

Dustin did such a great job on the painting! I left Saturday morning to run errands before he started and when I got back the room was completely finished! I was really surprised he did it so quickly! We decided to go with grey since we didn’t want to paint the room pink and have to repaint it in a few years if she didn’t like it or if we decide to sell the house. I’m going to accent the room with pinks and hopefully aqua’s. Sadly, the idea I have in my head is not the same one that retailers have!

Our glider and crib were graciously given to us by Dustin’s sister and brother in-law! We were so excited that they offered to let us use them! I did buy a little something this morning to go with the glider to make it extremely comfortable! Gliding ottoman!! Woohhoo! I can’t wait for it to get here!

Ok enough about the room, Let’s talk baby!

Now that we’ve hit 21 weeks, baby is bigger than a banana and about the size of a spaghetti squash! I guess next time I go to the grocery store I should seek one of these out because really I have no reference for that size! Although, I’ve heard spaghetti squash makes a delicious “faux” pasta dish! Baby is probably just over 1lb in weight and 10 inches long from head to toe! Her grip is becoming stronger as she’s learning how to move her hands around. There’s not much to grab onto in there so she’s probably wringing the heck out of the umbilical cord, but apparently that’s okay. Her sense of sight is also getting better, she can now perceive dark and light much better. Time to get the flashlight out and shine at my belly! Wake Up Baby!! lol. Her baby eyelashes and eyebrows are now formed, crossing my fingers she’s got some long lashes forming! If she’s started to grow hair already there’s no pigment yet so its bright white! That’d be fun to see but I’d rather not, let’s stay in there okay baby!?

Hope you all have a great week!


Getting over the Hump! 20 weeks Stats

20 Weeks Stats

Happy Happy Friday!!!

How Far Along: 20 weeks and 4 days!!

Size of baby: Banana

Total Weight Gain: 11 and sticking with that

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!!!

Movement: The last few nights, I’ve been feeling her more at night-time around 8pm or so!

Sleep: Pretty goo,d until I wake up in the middle of the night to pee. Yep, every night, never fails.

What I miss: I’m still getting accustomed to not doing things on my own. It sucks.

Cravings: Hmmmm…. not many this week. I think I only had ice cream on night this week! Oh and wedding cupcakes on Saturday, they were divine!

Symptoms: Just more baby flutters, no real symptoms going on this week either! Feeling good!! I’ve really felt great this whole pregnancy, who knows we may just have to have 5 kids if it’s this easy! Lol- Just kidding! And plus I’m probably speaking too soon!

Worst Moment this week: Actually I have a best and worst combined into one! We went to our first baby class at the hospital. The class was Safe Home for Baby, and as you probably guessed, it was all about how to keep the house safe when baby gets mobile! The class was pretty informative but the instructor was crazy and was all off topic. So a class that would have lasted an hour ended up being 2!

Best Moment(s) this week:

– Safe Home for Baby-now knowing the Poison Control number by heart (704-355-4000, see I got this!)

– Seeing one of my oldest friends get married this past weekend!!

– The pumpkin muffin I had yesterday. It was so delicious and made me very excited for Thanksgiving being right around the corner!

In honor of baby girl being the size of a banana, I’ll leave you with this!


Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!!

Holy Cow! We’re half way there!

20 Weeks!

 We’ve made it half way so far! Our baby girl is getting bigger and bigger!! We’re so excited that we’re this far already! We just can’t wait to meet her and have her here. Although, we are no where close to being ready for her! So she has to stay put for a while!

This past weekend we did make some progress on the nursery though! It’s no longer a “catch-all” room and we moved the baby furniture out of the guest room and into the room. We still haven’t put the crib together but hopefully we can get that done in the next few weeks. I’ve picked out the new paint color so that will be the next thing on the to-do list.

Here’s a sneak peek of the nursery after our overhaul!

We still have a lot to do but at least the major pieces are in place!