Almost halfway and can’t believe it, 17 weeks!

Can you believe that we’re already at the 17 week mark?? I can’t believe how quickly it seems to be going!

Baby is about 5.5 inches nowadays and weighs close to 5 ounces. The new thing for baby this week is the yawn. So baby must be yawning it up in there along with all the twists, rolls, kicks, and punches! This week I have been feeling those little movements a little more than last week. I’ll feel them and then they’re gone so quickly and I just sit still and quiet and wait for another but of course baby’s onto something else or already settled into a comfy position not moving. Baby’s nervous system is also growing at super speed this week! Baby can hiccup since he’s now able to yawn and he can also hear me talking. I’m not sure if baby can hear anything outside of me or not but I wouldn’t be surprised if he could already hear Kody barking! I’m sure that will become just another noise soon!

So this week there are 2 different sizes baby is close to. A turnip and a sweet potato. Now, to me these look nothing alike in size but I could be wrong. Of course, I’ve never seen an actual turnip in person so who knows! And I’m pretty sure when they are referencing a sweet potato, they’re not talking about the giant ones Mena and I picked straight off the farm!! They were ginormous!!



Only 1 week and 1 day until we find out what baby is! I think we all have our guesses so it’ll be the moment of truth! Think you’re right?? Let us know what you think it is!! Just leave a comment by clicking on the zero or whatever number is at the top of this post!

I’ve also been horrible at picture-taking, I’ll get one up soon though I promise! Baby is growing this belly that’s for sure!      



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