It’s Here! 18 Weeks

I can hardly believe that we’ve already reached 18 weeks! THIS.IS.THE.WEEK!!!! Only one more day until we find out the gender of the baby! I can hardly contain my excitement. Don’t you worry either, I’ll get it posted up here on Friday for everyone to know the news!

In the meantime let’s talk a little about what’s happening this week!

Baby is growing!! At about 5 1/2 – 6 inches long now and 7-8 ounces we’re really coming along! Baby is busy as a bee flexing and twisting and moving all around. I have definitely felt an increase in the little fluttery movements. Baby’s cartilage like bones are starting to harden! I’ve been pumping up on my Calcium and Vitamin D vitamins just for this purpose. I try to eat a good amount of dairy, well heck, I don’t even need to try because I love cheese SO much. But, osteoporosis seems to run in my family so I’ve been taking extra vitamins on and off for the last year of so. Might as well pump it up now while baby needs it too! 

And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know…. Still no belly pic from the last few weeks. I seem to get home from work and immediately change out of my work clothes into comfy stuff and then it’s too late, lol. But we’ll get some pics tomorrow for sure. So they’re coming soon!

To keep you satisfied, feast your eyes on the fruits of the week! *The first one is a Mango (in case you’re like me and would have no clue!)



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