18 week Baby Girl Gender Reveal Sneak Peek & Belly Pics

Thursday we went to our ultrasound first thing that morning. We decided we wanted to wait until that night, when some of our friends and family were over to find out the gender. We waited ALL DAY knowing there was an envelope in our house that had the answer! Talk about very tempting!

Here’s a picture pre-appointment Thursday morning. The board speaks for everything that we were thinking right then! Oh and the hash tags at the top were part of our party, we had everyone mark what they thought! We actually had more boy than girl! And I marked boy!!!!


After our appointment, I took our envelope from the doctor that revealed the baby’s gender, to a florist. My idea was to have them fill balloons with confetti, either pink or blue, depending on the gender. Apparently confetti filled balloons are quite expensive, so my plan for everyone to have their own balloon was shot immediately. Trying to be thrifty, I decided balloons for us and each of our parents would be perfect instead! Here’s a belly shot from the party!


I have a great video from the party of the balloon popping! I just have to figure out how to get it on here! Plus detail pics of the party will be coming too!

Have a great weekend!!


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