Weekly Pregnancy Stats- 19 Weeks

19 Weeks Stats

Happy Friday everyone!!

How Far Along: 19 weeks and 4 days!!

Size of baby: Mango or a Large Heirloom Tomato

Total Weight Gain: 11 L.B.’s ( eekk. Maybe I should lay off the shakes?!?!)

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!!!

Movement: Feeling lots of flutters daily!

Sleep: Still going strong, less leg cramps lately luckily- I’ve still been powering up on the bananas!

What I miss: Well now that I’m getting pregnanter and pregnanter (yeah I think I made that word up?), I really don’t feel like I can do all the things I used to do as easy. Having to ask Dustin to carry something for me when normally I would just do it myself is a new thing to get used to. I get it in my head and it has to be done right then, apparently man-brain doesn’t work like that! So I really have to get used to my slow husband doing things for me on his time, not mine. That’s tough, lol!

Cravings: Ok I admit it, I had one milkshake. But it was just one!

Symptoms: This week has been really great. I’ve felt pretty good except for a little cold I got a few days ago. I’ve been fighting it hard though with lots of Vitamin C and it seems to be just about gone!

Worst Moment this week: Actually it’s been a pretty good week, not any complaints from this one! I must still be running on the high from finding out it’s a girl!

Best Moment(s) this week:

– Duh! Finding out our baby is a GIRL and having people to share the news with!

– Finding a dresser/changing table for the baby’s room at IKEA and Dustin getting it put together beautifully and with zero profanities!! That’s progress people!

– Buying Maternity jeans! Ahhh they are heaven compared to my old jeans!

Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!!


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