23 Weeks and an Ear of Corn

Hi Everyone! We’re at 23 weeks and 1 day! Baby has grown to be the length of an ear of corn! I can barely believe it until I  feel her moving and kicking around. She definitely is feeling that big inside my belly!!

Today was another doctor’s appointment. Everything went well! Baby is measuring right on at 23 weeks and my blood pressure is good and low! My weight has jumped a little! I think I’ll blame the baby but it’s probably the leftover Halloween candy bucket! Whoops! Gotta cut back on that, luckily it’s slowly dwindling! My next appointment is in 4 more weeks and I’ll have the Glucose test to test for gestational diabetes. I’ve heard nightmares of how horrible the sugar drink is so I”m not fully looking forward to this appointment! I received my FIRST EVER flu shot today. I’ve researched a lot into the benefits of receiving the flu shot while pregnant and the scary outcomes if I were to come down with the flu. I just want to stay as healthy as I can for our baby girl. There’s even proof that the shot and the antibodies can flow to the baby and stay with her after she’s born to keep her from getting sick!

Since I had to wait so long at the doctor, I got pretty bored so lucky you guys I took some belly pics! Hope you enjoy!  🙂

Hopefully I’ll get some better quality ones soon and without me taking the picture! lol!



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