Weekly Pregnancy Stats- 24 Weeks

Since it’s been awhile since I did any weekly update stats, I figured I’d fit them in today! I can’t believe it’s the week of Thanksgiving and I’m already planning out what I’m making for the day! This year has just flown by but I think that’s happened every year! We’re so excited to have friends in town this week to celebrate the holiday with us. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family as well!

How Far Along: 24 weeks to the day!

Size of baby: Still an Ear of Corn

Total Weight Gain: 14 as of last week

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!!!

Movement: Full on kicks! Baby girl spent last week turned around kicking my insides, talk about a very interesting feeling. Lucky for me she finally turned back this weekend. I’d much rather feel her kicks that way!

Sleep: Pretty good, except for the middle of the night potty breaks and naturally waking up early. What is that all about? I mean like 6:45 on the weekends? That’s supposed to be my sleep in days. Oh well, guess I make it up for it by crashing early!

What I miss: Well this has nothing to do with pregnancy but I’m really missing the radio station here in Charlotte that used to play Christmas music all day up until Christmas. Sadly, it changed to a different station and they no longer do that! I tried finding a replacement station yesterday but had no luck. Oh I just thought of something to do with pregnancy….my brain. I’ve lost it, or it’s left me, I’m not sure, but it’s definitely no longer inside my skull. I’ve had some real bad dumb moments that Dustin can attest to! And just today at lunch I was saying something and TOTALLY forgot where I was going with the story and had to stop, lol!

Cravings: This week was pretty good on cravings, nothing I can recall! That might have something to do with me going to the doctor and seeing the new number on the scale and my midwife suggesting more protein and less carbs. Sigh….. but I just love biscuits SO much!

Symptoms: Heartburn started yesterday after indulging in a chicken wing (see, protein!) and again after dinner. As I’m typing this I have it again after the SALAD I had for lunch. Really? A salad?

Worst Moment this week:  This week was pretty good so I can’t think of many worst moments. Our weakest moment was probably when we went looking for countertops for our bathroom re-do and wandered to the baby store and ended up buying a crib. What can we say, we were dazzled! So our new baby crib is coming in a few weeks, woohhoo!!

Best Moment(s) this week: This week was pretty great with lots of highlights!

– Mena and Marian coming for a quick visit early last week

– Going on a girls shopping weekend to Gatlinburg. We had a great time and I got some great deals on Christmas gifts and baby clothes!

– Christmas show last Sunday with mom last Sunday

– Grandmommy visiting this weekend and she was able to come by the house and see the nursery.

Have a great Thanksgiving week and hope I you eat way too much food! 🙂


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