Weekly Pregnancy Stats- 26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks and 5 days!

Size of baby: 15 inches and over 2 lbs. Her equivalent in veggies is a cucumber

Total Weight Gain: Sticking with 14-lbs. this is exactly why I want to keep our house “scale free” lol

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!!!

Movement: Kicks and rolls mostly I will feel her getting her workouts in early afternoon and then again before I go to sleep.

Sleep: Pretty good- I find my self tossing and turning a lot since it takes more effort to get from one side to the other and then get my extra pillow all situated again.

What I miss: Sleeping on my back! Goodness those were the days. Now I catch myself on my back and have to turn over. Dustin is on sleep watch patrol for me too. If he catches me sleeping on my back I make him wake me up or just try to turn me over. I think I must have slept better on my back for some reason.

Cravings: I only had a craving for McAlister’s this week and luckily my sweet husband gave in and gave me the okay to eat there. I must mention that he has a real dislike for McAlister’s, but he ate there anyways! 🙂 I just can’t resist that Honey Mustard they have, yummmmmm!

Symptoms: Heartburn- pretty much right after I eat sometimes. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to linger for too long. Still have the mid to lower back aches when I sit for too long.

Worst Moment this week: Nothing bad happened this week so I got nothing!

 Best Moment(s) this week: Let’s see….

– Registering at BuyBuybaby on Saturday and getting to go around with the scan gun. Dustin was the scanner this go round and we really had fun looking at all the baby stuff. Really gets us excited for her to be here!

– My friend Mary giving us The Spirit of Christmas book and Dustin reading it to the baby when she was kicking around and knowing she heard him! He did want to read it with an English accent and I had to say no to that one, the whole point was so she knows his voice! LOL!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! More to come soon!


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