Happy New Year 2013!

So it’s 2013 already?!!? How in the world did that happen so fast??

It’s amazing how fast this past year went, especially for us! We’re living our lives week by week pretty much and the weeks just seem to fly by! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and great New Year! We wish everyone the very best in 2013! We’re pretty sure it’ll be our best one yet!

So I haven’t been slack in actually taking belly shots the past 2 weeks, I’ve just been slack on getting them uploaded and onto here! So in the meantime while I try to get out of the lazy funk, I think I have some to keep you satisfied!

We spent Christmas Eve with Dustin’s family this year because unfortunately, I had to work Christmas Eve so we didn’t have a chance to split the days like we normally do. Sadly, I missed most of my family’s Christmas but I did get to spend some time with both of my grandmother’s before and after Christmas which made it so much better! And we spent the weekend before Christmas with my parents and had our small Christmas a few days early! There’s nothing wrong with getting to open presents early!! 🙂

Here’s a family shot of our Christmas Eve at Dustin’s house with the Sullivan clan! Everyone made it into this pic, even Kody & Bailey!


Since the holiday season is now behind us, we are really focusing on getting ready for our baby girl to be here. We’ve finally spent time putting the crib together, cleaning all our junk out of the closet and organizing what we already have in clothes! Here’s a little sneak peek at the crib with some of the bedding, don’t judge, but we still don’t have a mattress!! LOL.



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