34 Weeks and Getting Ready

This past weekend we had our second baby shower!! Luckily the weather didn’t linger around and we had a wonderful time and great turnout! A huge, huge thanks to Marian and Brian for hosting and Wendy and wonderful mother in law, Mena for making it such a wonderful party!! It was really great to see all of Dustin’s family and friends! Thanks for all who came!

I actually have pictures from the shower that I will put up this week!

Today marks 34 weeks and I can hardly believe it! Only 6 weeks until our baby girl’s due date!!! Now that we’ve had 2 fantastic showers, I feel comfortable in case she were to come any day!!! No more wondering where she’ll sleep, or what she’ll wear, or where she’ll be changed, or how we get her home!! Now we’re just going to have to get organized and let the final decorating begin! I already started a little last night, as you can see, I did a very, very pink load of laundry! 🙂


Right now, according to my trusty apps, our baby girl is about the size of a canteloupe or pineapple and weighing in around 4 lbs- 4.5 lbs and around 18 inches long! Also at my last week’s doctor’s appointment I learned, she’s already in a head down position and facing the correct direction. It seems she’s already ready to go, but I think she’ll hang out for a few more weeks taking it easy and plumping up a bit!

We start our very first childbirth class tonight which I am very excited for. Dustin on the other hand is not thrilled about 12.5 hours of childbirth classes over the next few weeks. But I’m sure he’ll be glad he took them on the day she arrives!!


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