Nursery Reveal

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I know, I’m just too chipper for a Monday morning but I think I’m just excited knowing very soon I won’t be so worried about the horrible Mondays! : ) Today marks 38 weeks! Only 2 weeks until the due date! Any one betting on when she’s going to make her arrival? There’s a lot of people thinking she’s coming early, me included, and I won’t be complaining if that’s the case! I’m so ready to meet her!

So we FINALLY finished everything in the nursery this weekend! I can’t believe it took us this long but at least we finished it with time to spare. I can’t believe how perfect it turned out either. I told Dustin that it’s truly my favorite room in the whole house! Plus it’s the only room that’s 100% finished! LOL! At least we have our priorities in check! Sometimes we just hang out in there….patiently waiting for when we’ll be spending time in there with our daughter.

Ok I’ll stop making you wait, enjoy!

Finalnursery1 FinalNursery2 FinalNursery3


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