Happy 3 months!!

Today is Alma’s 3 month birthday!!

She’s a completely different baby than the one we brought home 3 months ago! She’s already 11 pounds and growing like a weed! She keeps me on my toes when we go to find clothes to wear! One day an outfit works and the next her little toes are curled back because it’s too small!! She’s so talkative and she loves to goo and gah at us all day! She’s a big smiler too! The best smiles are the shy smiles! She’ll turn her head like she’s shy and smile her big gummy smile! Just melts our hearts! She still likes us to hold her and let her walk on her own. We thought she’d grow out of it but she hasn’t yet. She scoots as hard as she can when she’s laying on her stomach and still tries to rollover and sometimes succeeds! She’ll kick her legs like crazy when she’s on her play gym, she loves to kick the toys and hear their sounds. We’ve actually started to go too public places with her now! Yesterday we went to dinner with her and she was actually awake for it! She did great! I’ve taken her to the grocery store and out shopping a lot too and she really does well being out!

It’s so true what they say about how much you love your child and how protective you will be over them! You never know truly until you experience it with your own! We love this baby girl and are so excited to watch her grow!

We haven’t taken our 3 month pictures today but they’ll be coming soon enough! But to tide you all over, here’s a few from the weekend!

3months) 3monthtongue)



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