Weekend with Alma

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We had a fun weekend and really enjoyed spending some quality time with Alma. She’s really enjoying play time now and has a lot of toys that she can now play with! She really enjoys the toys that light up and play music. Right now her favorite toys are her glowworm(Thanks Mickey & Dana!) and a Baby Einstein light up and music player (Thanks Jim & Peg!). She’s almost entranced by them!

Baby Einstein

Friday night we stayed in and ordered in chinese and watched movies. Saturday I was FINALLY able to get the house really cleaned! Alma fell asleep in her bouncy seat for 2 hours and I was able to clean bathrooms, pick up, do laundry, and even mop the floors! That’s major progress in our house!


After Alma’s nap we all got ready and headed out to Dustin’s soccer game! Alma & I hadn’t been to a game all season so we were excited to go! Dustin even scored a goal and their team won! Maybe Alma was the good luck charm! As you can see from the pics below, it was pretty hot out so Alma was lucky enough to be able to beat the heat! The perks of being a baby! 🙂

Soccer Soccer-1

After the game we headed over to our friend’s house to have a little cook out and hang out! Dustin decided to try his hand at cooking a pork butt and it really turned out great! It took a little longer than expected but it tasted great so we didn’t care! Yesterday we spent the day with my parents. They came down to visit and spend time with Alma. We all went out to lunch and Alma was great the whole time! It’s so nice to be able to take her out in public and know how she’s going to act!

Last night we spent some time outside enjoying the weather before the storms settled on top of us. Alma enjoyed her dinner bottle outside and some quality time with Daddy.


After spending time outside, we were forced in by the rain so Alma enjoyed some playtime. Kody even joined in on the fun! 🙂

Mirror-2 Mirror MorningKodyHat

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!


One thought on “Weekend with Alma

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I love checking the blog for pictures of Alma. It looks as if she is certainly getting her own personality. I am glad you all had a good weekend. Take care and thanks for the pics!

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