Big 4 months!

A lot has happened around our house in the last few weeks! Alma turned 4 months on the 3rd and we went to her doctor checkup a few days earlier! Alma’s 4 month pictures aren’t as entertaining as last month! She was very preoccupied with the sticker this month! She finally noticed it was there!

Yumm...This 4 month sticker tastes good Mommy!

Yumm…This 4 month sticker tastes good Mommy!




4mth-4 4mth-5

Alma & Daddy at Dr.

Alma & Daddy at Dr.

Family photo at the Dr!

Family photo at the Dr!

This week we celebrated July 4th with some friends! Alma really enjoyed getting in the spirit but she slept right through all of the fireworks!


The doctor gave us the okay to start Alma on rice cereal! We started the other night and Alma wasn’t quite as excited as Mommy was! She pretty much spit it all out but we’re slowing making some progress!

Cereal2 Cereal1 Bumbo

I decided that it was time to get Alma into an activity center! She’s a little small for the seat but with a little extra support aka. blankets all around her, she fits perfectly! She LOVES all of the toys and being able to jump in her seat! Best investment yet!

NewToy-3 NewToy-2 Newtoy-1

And here are a few extra pics for fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

Where's Baby??

Where’s Baby??

Sleeping in Daddy's arms

Sleeping in Daddy’s arms

Daddy & Alma snoozing!

Daddy & Alma snoozing!

Happy Baby Girl!

Happy Baby Girl!




4 thoughts on “Big 4 months!

  1. She is growing so fast. Can’t wait to babysit her. She is just PERFECT. According to MIMI. Thanks for all the pictures.

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