4 Month Hump

Alma is already 4 1/2 Months! Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Sorry, it’s been a little while since the last update. We’ve been busy around the Stancil house! I started a new job last week so I’ve been getting myself oriented again with all the changes. The great thing is that I’m loving the new gig and it’s just 5 minutes away from our rental condo and will be about 30 minutes from the new house. It’s been great being so close to home, I’ve even been home for lunch some days!

Alma has really learned a lot of things in the last month! We’re still eating cereal once a day. Last night I mixed in a little sweet potato and she wasn’t a fan. I thought it was great but Alma didn’t feel the same. We’ll try that again tonight to see if we can get anywhere with it!

The baby has found her feet!!! At first she’d just play with them and grab them, but now they’ve made it to her mouth! When she’s on her back, it’s hard to keep her away from her feet!

Toes in DiaperToes

Along with her feet, everything goes to her mouth! Toys, hands, feet, burp cloth, clothes, mommy’s hair, you name, and she’s got it in her mouth!

Teether Ring

She’s really starting to get a little personality. She giggles and smiles all the time. She loves Kody and when she sees him she’ll just smile and laugh at him. She reaches for him and if she’s lucky enough to get a hold of him, she’s pulling out a handful of hair! So far she hasn’t hurt him, he’s still shedding that summer layer so it may feel good! lol!

Laughs Smile

She talks up a storm nowadays! Of course, none of it makes any sense at all, but we love hearing her talk and pretend she’s telling us all about her day.

She can finally sit in her stroller without the car seat! We’ve taken lots of walks through the neighborhood just strolling her around! She can also fit in her sunglasses, well almost! 🙂


Hope everyone has a great week!



One thought on “4 Month Hump

  1. She is so adorable. The little Dustin! I can see she has really started developing her own personality. Thanks so much for sharing. I do so look forward to updates and pics. SHE IS A CUTIE!!!!!

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