We love bathtime!

Alma has been a big fan of her nightly bath’s since she was almost 3 months and we made them part of a nightly bedtime routine. We have struggled with the newborn/infant bath tub since she has been sitting up and trying to pull herself up. She grabs the opposite of the tub and won’t stay where I can get to her nooks and crannies! So we received the inflatable duck tub as a gift and hadn’t opened it since she was too small to sit in it. Well, the time finally came the other night! I blew it up, breath by breath. NOT! That would have taken all night! Thank you trusty blow up mattress pump! This tub is not only the cutest thing ever, but Alma is really enjoying it!

She will be very angry at me one day when she realizes I shared these with all of you, but oh well! What else is a mom to do?! 🙂

Bath1 Bath2 Bath3 Bath4 Bath5 Bath6 Bath7


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