Half a Year

On September 3rd, Alma was 6 months old! She has grown so much and so much has happened in the last 6 months!

We’ve sold a house and bought a new home that’s currently being built. I’ve changed jobs and Dustin has started school again! Kody got a new do and Indy got a new litter box that cleans itself!

Alma has had the most happen! She’s learned to sit up and crawl! She’s even pulling herself up on her crib, the coffee table, people, and anything else that will take her from sitting to standing! She’s eating solid foods twice a day and her favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes. She Mmm mmmms the whole time she eats them both!

We took Alma to her wellness doctor visit on Friday and she weighed in at 15lbs 14oz! She’s 25″ long! Already over 2 feet tall! The doctor gave her rave reviews and even thinks she could be walking by 9/10 months! Yikes!!! Still no teeth, but the doctor thinks her two bottom ones are on the verge of popping up in the next few weeks! She’s sleeping through the night and wakes up most morning between 6 and 7!

Alma and Kody still have a love love relationship. She climbs and crawls over him and loves for him to give her kisses. Of course I can’t stand that and am constantly washing off Kody kisses!

Here’s a few pictures of sweet Alma lately!



















2 thoughts on “Half a Year

  1. Love it, Love it, Love it. She is growing up so fast. I guess the next time I see her she will be walking. Need a special trip to Flower Hill. Thanks again for sharing.She is one beautiful, happy little girl.

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