Baby Star!

I decided that I wanted professional photos of Alma while she’s sitting and full on crawling. I just love this age and she has so much fun scooting and moving around, so I wanted to really document it. We spent a Saturday morning in a park right by the house with a wonderful photographer, Rachel R. Johnston. If you’re in the Charlotte area, I would definitely recommend using her for baby or kid pictures!

I wanted to share a few of the pictures with you. We have over 80 pictures from the hour she spent shooting and there are way too many that are great to share them all! Plus, these aren’t even the best ones. I have to keep those hidden away for a bit 😉 Enjoy!


w001-76 w001-1 w001-9 w001-12 w001-15 w001-27 w001-32 w001-34 w001-35 w001-37 w001-39 w001-44 w001-45 w001-53 w001-59 w001-72w001-47


7 thoughts on “Baby Star!

  1. Well, just when I did not think her pictures could get any better, these appear. They are absolutely wonderful. She is such a beautiful little girl. Such a good looking family. I really appreciate being able to view them. Thanks so much. She’s a sweetheart.

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