Happy January….errr, almost February!

Sorry everyone for leaving you hanging after holidays! We have been a very busy family of 3 (5, if you count fur babies, as I do!). Dustin’s classes began the first of January and we were getting over the shock of all the outpouring of love everyone had for Alma over Christmas, in the form of toys! For real, this girl is set! Luckily, she has a birthday in a little over a month. Maybe she’ll need clothes, shoes, and a new handbag- all perfectly sized for Mommy? 🙂

On top of getting over the holidays and Dustin heading back to school, we’re adding moving into a new home to the list! Our lives have revolved around this house being built for 9 months now and we are less than a week away from closing! So needless to say, we’ve been swimming in packing tape, old newspapers, and cardboard this past month. I would promise I’ll back in the swing of posting regularly once we move, but I can’t be certain! I will try hard, I promise.

My biggest hurdle is downloading pictures off the camera to the computer. I rely heavily on Dustin to do this. Maybe it’s time I learn how to do it on my own! Anyways, to keep you updated a little, I’ve added some random pics from my phone. Sorry, there was about a 2 week span where my phone stopped taking photos. Why you ask? I have no clue, but it refused. So those 2 weeks are completely undocumented.

Enjoy and check our new tooth!! There’s one more about to break through any day! Next time you hear from me, I’ll be nice and cozy in our new house!