When grumpy baby meets photographer

I decided we had to document Alma’s 1 year milestone by a quick trip to our local JCPenney Portraits place.  To my surprise, these photo places have come a long way since I remember going as a child. They have all kinds of cute back drops and props. Who knew?! With a coupon in hand, I ended up getting out of there for under $20! You can’t beat that!

Which it’s a good thing too since Alma seems to be going through a “I hate naptime” phase.  I scheduled our appointment for well after naptime and lunch to make sure I had a happy girl on my hands. But I wasn’t prepared from the nap time curve ball she threw my way! She slept for 20 minutes on me that morning and I soon as her head hit the crib she was up and raring to go. After a few, ahem 30 minutes, (who’s counting) I gave up on the nap. We got dressed and I thought we could leave early so she could nap in the car. After every sleepy nap song I could think of played in the car, she still sat wide awake.

She made it a max time of 10 minutes sitting in front of the camera. She wouldn’t sit by herself or let me go. And Mommy was in no condition for photos!

They say Happy Wife, Happy Life. I believe it’s Happy Toddler, Happy Life. #TerribleOnes??

Luckily, I quite adore the imperfect photos. They’re more real than the Pinterest-perfect photos we’re all trained to need. Oh and these are the best photos. The others were tears and crying. I only needed one crying picture!:)


P.S. Birthday pics will soon be coming. Yes, yes, yes, they are still on the camera…. And no, she’s not walking yet. She took the steps and has decided walking is not a valuable trait apparently.

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