Christmas is already here

Can you believe it? Oh yeah and where have I been the last 6 months of so?!? Well, I’ve been here, but just pretty busy! The summer flew by in an instant! Then we decided to have a Halloween party and that made the fall fly by just as quickly, and now it’s 2 days before Christmas!

Our girl has changed so much since I’ve last posted as you’ll see! One thing’s for sure… her hair is totally growing now! Yay! And yes, we’ve been practicing pig tails, pony tails, and even the big bows! Hallelujah!

Alma has turned into a chatter box in the last couple of months. She can really hold little conversations with us now. She started saying “I love you” just a few weeks ago and its so sweet! She’s up to about 3-4 word sentences and can say her ABC’s when I prompt her through them!

Well, here’s some pictures for you all! The first ones are from our Christmas family photo shoot, just a couple of weeks ago!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

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Brushing her teeth!

Brushing her teeth!

Sliding at Day Care

Sliding at Day Care

Halloween party at Day Care

Halloween party at Day Care

Neighborhood Santa- let's not get too close!

Neighborhood Santa- let’s not get too close!

1st Haircut from Mimi

1st Haircut from Mimi

Halloween- Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch

Halloween- Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch

Daddy & Alma at Meadow Christmas Lights

Daddy & Alma at Meadow Christmas Lights


It’s already Mid-July?!

I just realized that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted…almost 3 months! Whoops! So sorry to leave you all hangin’! I know you’ve been sitting by your computer paralyzed with fear that I may never be back again! Well your prayers are answered! Here I am!

Now let me bring you up to speed with what we’ve been doing around here with a little photo dump!

Hope you enjoy and hopefully it won’t be as long until I post again!!

Wagon ride

Taking a wagon ride around the hood


Alma dancing with her “Tequila” dog. (Ahem, he plays the Tequila song, get your head out of the gutter.)

Bath face

Lesson Learned, Don’t put your face under the faucet for a quick drink of water.


Smiley clean baby!


BFF’s forever…Or Kody just loves Cheerio’s. Know one will ever know…


Coloring! Alma’s favorite thing. Even on the floors and doors!


“Hey Mom! Stop taking my picture!”

  I threw Dustin a surprise birthday party this year for his birthday! This was his “birthday shirt”! We really surprised him! It was so much fun! He only turned 35, but we thought 40 decorations would be fun, lol!

Daddy Bday3

Daddy bday2

Daddy bday1

Dad day

Father’s Day Breakfast on the deck!


July 4th! Alma sporting her red, white, and blue while rolling on the floor…


Mommy Shoes

Already wearing Mommy’s shoes!

Kody Kisses

Kody kisses!


Playing the piano at the Weston’s



We’ve got a full ponytail!!….Well, sort of.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


13 months and 17 days…


Everyone has always told us we don’t want her to walk. That our lives will be crazy now. But dang, the girl had us waiting almost 14 months! I’ll safely say, knowing walking brings a whole new can of worms, I’m ready for her to be walking!

And plus, isn’t she just the cutest thing walking?!?!


Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!