Merry Christmas from our Family to yours!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Now it’s time for us to enjoy Alma’s first Christmas!



Santa Sighting

This past weekend we heard Santa was going to be at the mall taking pictures and meeting children so of course we had to let him meet Alma! She was very excited to meet Santa Claus and wanted to tell him what she was wanting for Christmas! Alma wanted to wear her Santa’s Little Helper outfit so he’d maybe put her on the nice list forever!! I thought it was a great idea so I agreed.

Nana and Papa tagged along for the fun but we were all sad Mimi and Papa couldn’t join us! They were able to see the whole thing via video thankfully!


Santa and Alma were getting along just fine until Santa told Alma she wouldn’t be able to see him on Christmas Eve. He has too many houses to go to and can’t stay to visit very long. Alma was very upset with Santa over the news. We told her it would be okay because he’d leave proof that he had been there with gifts but only if we promised to leave him a little snack to take on his journey!

Please enjoy the pictures of Alma’s time with Santa!

Picture 001

Picture 002

Picture 003

Hope you’re all getting ready for Christmas! It’s less than a week away! Yikes- I’ve got stuff to do! 🙂

9 Months and the Holiday Season

Two things that I can’t believe are happening: It’s already time for Christmas and Alma is already 9 months old! How in the world has this year flown by so quickly?!?! Wasn’t it just Christmas? Oh well, gives me a great excuse to change the layout here! Hope you enjoy!

Dustin just finished classes last night when he had his last final exam. He’s worked very hard this semester it has been an adjustment for all of us. It’ll be nice having this break from school and having him home every night. Our new house is STILL being built. This is now 8 months in….. so as you can imagine, we are anxiously awaiting our close date. We are ready to be out of our cramped condo of stuff everywhere and boxes lining the dining room. Especially Kody, he never gets the outside time that he was accustomed to! We are hopefully on track to move in January!

Thanksgiving was great! We went to my parents house and Dustin’s parents joined us! It was nice having everyone in one spot. It was also great seeing all the family. Most of them haven’t seen Alma in a few months so it was great that they were able to see how she’s grown!

Alma had a big month! She got her 2 bottom teeth right before Thanksgiving!  And how cute are they?

First Teeth

Also, to Dustin’s displeasure, she said Mama! I of course am thrilled! She’s working on Dada, but just quite hasn’t gotten it yet.

Hope you enjoy a few pics! And yes I do have more but they are of course stuck on the real camera, so I’ll upload soon, once I do a big photo dump!

Stealing Christmas Ornaments from Nana's tree

Stealing Christmas Ornaments from Nana’s tree

Christmas Shopping Attire

Christmas Shopping Attire

Playing in all her toy bins

Playing in all her toy bins

Trying out the rocking chairs. This one was a winner!

Trying out the rocking chairs. This one was a winner!

PJ Day! Just another day standing by the coffee table

PJ Day! Just another day standing by the coffee table

Helping Mommy furniture shop

Helping Mommy furniture shop

Super excited to be in the fire truck at the neighborhood park

Super excited to be in the fire truck at the neighborhood park

Displeased by the laundry situation!

Clearly she didn't have anything to wear!

Clearly she didn’t have anything to wear!