Baby Star!

I decided that I wanted professional photos of Alma while she’s sitting and full on crawling. I just love this age and she has so much fun scooting and moving around, so I wanted to really document it. We spent a Saturday morning in a park right by the house with a wonderful photographer, Rachel R. Johnston. If you’re in the Charlotte area, I would definitely recommend using her for baby or kid pictures!

I wanted to share a few of the pictures with you. We have over 80 pictures from the hour she spent shooting and there are way too many that are great to share them all! Plus, these aren’t even the best ones. I have to keep those hidden away for a bit 😉 Enjoy!


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Kody and The Big Debut

Kody is now famous! How you ask? Well, our sweet adorable puppy has been publicly shamed in the best way possible!

There an amazing website,, and yes you should click on that link and check it out, but first read on!

I submitted a photo of Kody being a bad doggy after he decided to go through and eat some bathroom trash! I received an email from the lady that owns the site about using Kody’s photo for the upcoming book! I was shocked and of course agreed! Well the book just came out and we just received our copy! Kody was less than thrilled as you can see below, but I’m proud to show it off!

Check out the book and get your own hilarious copy!



7 months

Alma has grown so much over the past month! She mastered crawling awhile ago so you can guess that she’s on the go all the time. Her favorite past time is standing. She’ll pull herself up on almost anything and just stand around! She also has figured out how to put her paci in the right way all by herself. It’s so cute watching her do it and seeing the concentration on her face is the greatest!

We had an amazing 7 month photo shoot this past weekend with a professional photographer. Alma did great and we’ve seen 2 pictures so far that are amazing and will have the rest soon! Don’t worry, I promise I will share them!

Alma received a gift from Sweden this week! We met some friends on our trip there a few years ago, Inger and Thomas, and they just sent Alma a book that’s very popular in Sweden. We were very excited to receive a letter from them as well. Did you know in Sweden mom’s get at least a year off with their babies after they are born? 12 weeks in America is shameful compared to that and I am certain we should adopt that policy here!!

We have a busy month and a visit from Mimi and Papa this weekend included. We are all very excited for Halloween as well! It’ll be here before we know it!